Emil e Rita (Steampunk)

A very particular, elegant style that recalls the past but with a benevolent look towards mechanics. Steampunk is a modus vivendi, a concept, something that goes beyond dressing: it is elegance in ways, it is common vision, it is game and fun with grace. My imagination was free to find the right colors, the appropriate shapes. A long search for the perfect flower, strange and alternative but elegant, with that retro touch. The graphics with attention to every detail, from the seal created by Emil to the dragons of Rita, all expertly coordinated by Alessandro Sorbino. Thanks to Castello di Vigoleno for the hospitality, to Federica Salvi for the collaboration, to Petali and Perle for the flowers and to Papierlapis for the paper. Thanks to Enrico Grassi for the photos. Thanks to the more alternative spouses of my gallery and their fantastic guests.

Wedding Planner and Flower Designer

p.iva 02602290344

email info@claudiaantolini.it

Trentino Alto Adige

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