Francesco e Graziella

When they told me the topic, I went crazy!

The Lord of the rings, what an honor.

Copper and teal colors. The first thing I thought about was the church: I need it elven, green, full of patos. Francesco and Graziella agree, always enthusiastic, very collaborative. Each idea was shared, reworked, studied, each object chosen with care, from the shoe to the jewel, from the lantern to the sealing wax seal. Feathers, ribbons, rice cones, silk for the wedding table, lights. Everything had to be fairytale and so it was.

Thanks also to Hotel Castello di Vigoleno, Petali e Perle for the flowers and Papierlapis for the tableau.

Wedding Planner and Flower Designer

p.iva 02602290344


Trentino Alto Adige

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