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Meeting Claudia was a fortune! How would I organize my wedding 80 km from home without its practical and moral support, especially moral! A very complicate relationship has been established immediately. Claudia was able to "read" in my mind what I wanted for my wedding: something simple, in perfect line with the Castello di Vigoleno and the countryside around us.
A woman with infinite patience, strong spirit and character, tenacious, of great support, able to make marriage a unique and magical event! A friend. So many hearts Cla!

Personalization, refinement and elegance, for truly unique flower arrangements! With claudia your wedding will be better than your expectations. Compposizioni for tables, church fittings, bouquets, buttons, personalized candy!

From the moment I met her I understood that Claudia Antolini was synonymous with elegance, class and professionalism, after my wedding I had confirmation!
All made by art, cared for in every detail, every desire and idea has become a reality!


For an area such as that of marriage not only professionalism but also a special sensitivity to follow the couple to help them choose in a moment so exciting and full of expectations. We felt very much looked after and understood, we wanted a ceremony out of the usual patterns, that's how it was.
A friendly and impeccable service.

Claudia is a fantastic and sensitive person who can fully understand the tastes of the couple and turn them into a wonderful dream! Without her our marriage could not have been perfect as it was! I recommend anyone to turn to her for the seriousness and professionalism shown!


Claudia realizes and makes concrete your dreams and your ideas. With patience and professionalism follows, step by step, the outfits, decorations and all that you need. Then add the additional value of the handmade product because Claudia realizes (almost) everything by hand, satisfying your tastes and in line with your needs. We can not say that we are very satisfied! She thought of everything and gave life to all our ideas that have made our marriage special and that we, for lack of time and dexterity, alone would never have been able to create. Then add to all this sweetness and availability and you will have found your perfect Wedding Designer! Thanks Claudia!
Silvia and Domenico


Excellent work done, Claudia is really a serious professional, reliable and accurate.
It has gone far beyond our expectations, has created a magical atmosphere, has skilfully listened to our initial ideas, enriching them and giving us an unforgettable wedding.
We could not have asked for more.

A professional with fairy hands ... Claudia manages to combine her creative talent and her talent in craft processing with extraordinary precision in realizing the requests of the spouses ... and our requests were at least unusual: we wanted to harmonize several decorative elements inspired by the traditions of Northern Europe in the evocative and unique setting of the castle of Vigoleno. Claudia gave us and our guests the emotion of living in a fairy tale ..
Francesca and Paride


Bride for less than a week and very satisfied with our fabulous party!
For my wedding, in the castle of Vigoleno, I had in mind a simple style, with a few flowers and many candles, refined but original.
Thanks to Claudia, what was only an embryonic project became a reality.
Everything has been well taken care of, from the planning to the realization.
Claudia was able not only to understand what were my expectations and my desires but also gave many ideas and original ideas to make everything extraordinary and never dull: you should see how beautiful my bouquet !!!
I have collected wonderful compliments on all the arrangements, from the church to the dining room, from the bouquet to the pins made especially for witnesses and witnesses.
All the guests were complimented by the attention to detail, which was a predominant aspecte and of this wonderful day. For those who are sensitive to the subject, Claudia in addition to the more "classic" settings offers different solutions for environmentally friendly installations. I advise everyone to turn to WD for the preparation of their marriage: COMPETENCE, PROFESSIONALISM, CREATIVITY and what is not a small thing, great EMPATHY and AVAILABILITY! Thanks Claudia! Enrica and TizianoFuture wedding, if what you dream of is a fairytale wedding curated and coordinated to the smallest detail that will leave your guests speechless ... then I can only recommend the stamina and skill of this person, Claudia Antolini! His kindness and helpfulness made it all very reassuring and even fun. Beautiful flower arrangements in the church and at the reception; lanterns; decorations hanging from trees; floral centerpieces placed on cake holders; porcelain jugs to contain beautiful roses; alloy-napkins created by his own hands; cages like Tableau de Mariage and so on ... all strictly speaking and following the same thread, all the fruit of his creativity. Like Alice in Wonderland, that was a day that even our eyes will never forget! After two and a half months from the wedding both my husband and I continue to receive sincere congratulations from our guests who have lived and appreciated that magical atmosphere. And this makes us even happier! So thank you Claudia for your wonderful work and for following us so patiently in our crazy journey to "Wonderland" Alice & the Mad Hatter

Wedding Planner and Flower Designer

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Trentino Alto Adige

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